Equipping you with the tools to meet life’s challenges.

Life isn’t always easy. It’s full of surprises and challenges. But it’s also about growth and opportunities. Lifequipt℠ will always be there, providing the mobile tools to help your customers find the resources to support their wellbeing.

Meeting people where we can help.

81% of Americans have smartphones, so it’s easier than ever to stay connected. Lifequipt℠ harnesses the power of that connectivity to direct your customers to the custom resources that can alleviate the causes of despair.


On average, 132 people die by suicide each day in the US, leading to $93.5 billion in medical costs and lost productivity annually.


Poor health costs US employers $530 billion annually, equivalent to 1.4 billion days of lost productivity.


52% of employees have access to workplace wellness programs, but many don’t provide a tangible benefit or help offset employer cost.


While 875 programs are available per county, most users are either unaware of them or overwhelmed by the number of choices.

Strength is just an app away.

Lifequipt℠ provides a suite of mobile apps for organizations to help people reduce the adverse effects of change and improve wellbeing.

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